Fresh Data, Enhanced Routing

A single road segment contains up to 260 unique data attributes. Speed limits, road signs, junctions, turn restrictions, nearby points of interest—every road presents a complex stream of data.

Each navigation system map update provides fresh data that improves routing accuracy, estimated arrival times, and much more. To ensure you have the freshest data, update your Mercedes-Benz navigation system today.

Save Time and Fuel

In addition to keeping you on schedule, the ability to reroute around traffic delays helps you avoid wastefully idling in a traffic jam. You can also reduce fuel costs by taking advantage of eco-friendly routes that offer a more efficient means of reaching your destination.*

But with the road network constantly evolving, the most efficient routes are subject to regular changes.

Update your Mercedes-Benz map to ensure maximal efficiency.

Optimize Your Navigation System

Finding an alternate route to work, locating the nearest fuel station, taking a scenic detour on a road trip—your Mercedes-Benz navigation system will optimize your driving experience every time you get behind the wheel.

A map update delivers greater accuracy, efficiency, and usability. Update your Mercedes-Benz map today.