Roads change every day, and drivers have to change with them. Maybe you’ve noticed an increase in traffic on your daily commute, or maybe a new overpass is making your pleasure cruise a little less enjoyable. Whatever the case, updating the navigation system in your Mercedes-Benz will fix it. You’ll save time and money with better route guidance and get more out of every trip. Additionally, you’ll be able to add stops, take scenic detours, and analyze alternative routes in real time. Best of all, all of these changes are quick and easy and can be done online!

What Changes?

Updating your navigation changes the driving experience in many ways. First of all, you’ll get better route guidance when you update your maps.Commute with confidence with more accurate arrival times and optimized traffic analysis. Furthermore, you’ll have brand new data on speed limits, road signs, and construction. All in all, you can count on a more efficient routing experience.

Secondly, updating your navigation will save you time and money. Mercedes-Benz technology finds the fastest route with the most consistent speeds, allowing you to take advantage of your vehicle’s maximum fuel efficiency. Spend less on fuel and more on the things that matter when you upgrade your maps.

Finally, you’ll be able to quickly and easily update your route during your drive. Need a cup of coffee on the way to work? Updated navigation will find the best route to both destinations. Want to see some more scenery on your road trip?

How to Update your Navigation

Getting the latest maps from Mercedes-Benz is quick and easy. Simply visit Mercedes-Benz Navigation online and select your model from the list.